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How to verify Australian ABN/ACN is active or not in PHP


This tutorial is check for ABN/ACN number is active or not. generally, ABN/ACN use for Australian companies registered in Australia. so this tutorial will give to functionality that is ABN/ACN is active in Australia or deactivate. you can check via PHP curl API.

Step 1)

Register web services agreement form here. click here for register. after the register, they will verify you and then provide the guid number.

Step 2)

Now make the below function to check the status of ABN/ACN number where you need to pass the guid number which is provided by the ABN lookup after your register. click here for download the function which is use for this. implement all functions and set guid number in the function.

Note: for this, you have to curl active in your server. if not then first on the curl function in your server and then implement the above code and check.

Step 3)

Now pass your ABN/ACN details to the above variable which can check if it’s active then give status true otherwise it will give false.